Ascending Dragon:  In Chinese legend, the dragon represents a symbol of auspicious power, it is the embodiment of the yang, or masculine energy.  In heraldic imagery, the dragon represents flight and great strength.  Dragons are often represented in our stories as beings of great wisdom and mercurial temperament.

In this regard, Ascending Dragon embraces the chaos within, tempering it with logical humanism.  The dragon seeks to subjugate superstition, using intelligence to conquer our illusions.  Seeking an ethic of pure knowledge, and reveling in the techno-utopia that might yet be, and the archeo-steam-punk that never was, the dragon travels across many timescapes.

With No Way as Way, and No Limitation as Limitation, the dragon sees the philosophy of Master Lee as the beginning of the journey.   The journey is filled with many twists and turns, but the end never appears in sight.  Yet, it is the journey not the destination, which is the measure of us all.

 The dragon, being what it is, flies between the dichotomy of Gandhi and Patton.  Non-violence is essential, but some times you just have to burn the village to get the point across.   There are days when the dragon is filled with peace and love for all mankind, and others where it might just be happier skinning the lot of us.

The Ascending Dragon is a pragmatist at heart, but has been known to embrace wild flights of fancy, as dragons are wont to do.  It is not about spin, or gray areas here.  The dragon believes that things exist, that they have immutable qualities, words have meaning and they do count.

So here is the dragon, ascending across the television gray sky that is cyberspace, seeking that brave new world with such wonderful creatures in it.

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