Welcome to 2009!

January 7, 2009

Another year has spun by so fast.  Like the swift moving terrain below our wings, the voyage westward spans another year.

We celebrate the conclusion of the chaos that has been our election cycle.  We await the gentleman from Illinois, formerly the junior Senator, and his inauguration as President of the Republic.  We do hope that his light, will put out heat, and that the change that we have been waiting for will come.

Or, we should embrace the coming storm.  Aware that on the horizon is the fast moving darkness, we hope that as we hold fast, we overcome the waves of bedazzling, bedevilling, and bewildering bull droppings.  As we see the machinations of the mediocre minds,  the double dealings of special interests, and the perversion of the process by the simple minds of the greedy, we shed a tear for the generations to come.

We regret the departure of the ideals of the republic, and feel that it’s time has past.  The bloated corpse of our government is picked over by the foul creatures that have usurped our system, in the name of the people.  They rob, assault, defraud us of our birthright daily.  Public whipping would be too good for them, and yet they return year after year, to the scene of their crimes.

Fools, perverts, tyros, and nere-do-wells; they have fed at the public trough for too long.  The dragon recommends burning the village, as fire is usually a cure all for sorts of infestations.


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