Silicon Eagle?

August 24, 2008

We wonder if you have ever had any computer issues.  Any wonky sessions with Windows, nasty pernicious virus activity, issues with hardware and software.  Now, imagine that when you have a platoon of marines under fire, and you are thousands of miles away at a workstation, and it gives you a blue screen of death.  Now what.

The much vaunted Air Force of this nation has recently activated an entire wing of combat drone aircraft.  These aircraft are armed, unpiloted and flying over the disputed areas of our world.  We must emphasize the unmanned part.  NO PILOTS!  Our military officers have reached the point where they realize that they can fly these aircraft, attack the enemy and not risk the lives of our brave aircrews.

The downside is that this activity has created a certain psycological stress on the crews who operate these fantastic machines from afar.  It appears that when you engage in combat at close range with the enemy, and then pick up the kids, it can create a certain…unusual work environment.  Vaporize an enemy stronghold, and then take the wife and kids to the mall.  We suppose that it might make for a bit of a conflict.

We also question weither it makes more sense to take the human out of the equation altogether.  Just don’t use Vista.

It amazes us, that the more things change the more that they stay the same.  There is an old saying that if you stay in one place long enough, everyone that you have ever known in your life will eventually come to you.  So, it goes without saying, that it is nice to re-discover old friends from ones past.

It is nice to know that the past is still alive.  That it remains a fixed reference in time, from which we can travel forward;like the best library books, it is a reference to which we can refer.  It is a beacon from which we can derive the velocity and direction of our life.  It gives us a tool with which we can correct our course, and continue our inevitable journey to the west.

The idylls of youth stir our heartstrings as we remember those halcyon days.  We were the princes and princesses of the Summerlands, beautiful and fair.  Age has cleaned the harder side of adolescence, and all that remains are memories of how damn young and naive we all were.  It was a more innocent time, and we were still children then.  Now, not so much.  Gray hair, children and the details of adulthood have changed us.

So we spread our wings once more, point our nose at a star, and roar off into the night.  Behind is the pale blue dot, ahead the vastness.  The dragon says bring it, throw me into that brier patch.