It has been a while since we have graced the pages of this blog, but then life is what happens when we least expect it.  Dramtic turns of events have kept us from posting, largely due to issues above, and beyond, our control.  These days it seems just when our keel is even and the dust is settled, another storm rages across our path, and we can only hold fast against its rage.

The world has gotten more complex since we posted here last, and yet we think that it might just be the same players, just moving new pieces across the monopoly board that is America.  The vicissitudes of modern life just seem to add more weight to our overburdened, weary shoulders.  Maybe Ayn Rand was right, Atlas should shrug, and let the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing idiocracy have at it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it seems all is not paradise in the People’s Republic of America.  The famous party on the left, known so long for its loyal opposition, is self-immolating.  Whilst the party on the right is finding new hope in a man known for his maverick positions.  Their candidate, an honorable hero, is being cast as the solution to the nation’s ills. 

We are curious whom the party on the left is going to choose. Do they choose the gentleman from Illinois, whose stance on anything is unknown, but he can sizzle with the best of them.  Or do they go with the gentlewoman from New York, by way of Arkansas, the much lauded wife of a former chief executive.   Neither of these people have much in the way of qualifications, including the gentleman from Arizona, who whilst an undoubted hero of the first order, has been in the circles of power for many years, and therefore just as likely as the other two to continue politics as ususal.

The Who were right, the new boss is just like the old boss.  One more time around the monoply board for everybody, and this time the dragon is the shoe.